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September 10, 2011

Dr Farquar on Bumper Stickers

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Laugh at your problems, I do.

Please pass I’m texting.

Medium driving. You will meet a tall parked Range Rover.

Pointless driver. No nipples.

This is my personal hearse.

I’m stopping for a piss soon.

I’m stopping for a shit soon.

I’m stopping for wank soon.

I’m stopping to buy a paper soon.

When in doubt ..mumble.

Impotent driver. No hard feelings.

Stay alert. Only drive when you have thrush.

Quiet please. Deaf driver.

Honk! If you are ejaculating right now.

You are following me but you will never be me.

Change is inevitable except for gormless cunts like you on the road.

I don’t suffer from bad driving. I enjoy it!

My other car’s a dodgem.

My other car’s a ski-lift.

My other car’s a flume.

Off to spec savers!

‘Possessio’ is nine tenths of the law

I’m not as thunk as some tinkle peep I am!

Getting married for sex is like going to the pub for the free peanuts.

It’s OK to laugh during sex, just don’t point!

Crack in glove box.

Stop the war on terror. Kill a politician.

Enjoy safe sex but don’t forget the combination.

Confucious say: Longest journey start with no spare tyre.

I may have Alzeimers but at least I don’t have Alzeimers.


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